Duran debut In US Billboard Top 200 at N. 10 (little review of the album !) #PAPERGODS

Duran with Nile Rodgers

Duran Duran with Nile Rodgers at Red Rocks Sept. 2015

image taken from  from duran status on twitter  link TO duran duran official tweet

Duran Duran “Paper Gods” debut at N. 10 in the US the Billboard Top 200 Chart ..

N. 5  UK


The band will appear on  US tv again on Ellen DeGeneres Show

 on 9/23 Ellen show article about Duran appearance

list of Tv appearance 

The Reflex LIVE at Red Rocks

Notorious feat Nile Rodgers at Red Rocks

next article in this blog will be a review of the Album in italian language !

In English i can say this album is amazing and it is receiving the success it deserve.

there are many possible Radio HITS  

such as “Face for Today ” , “SUNSET GARAGE ” “BUTTERFLY GIRL ” “DANCEOPHOBIA ” ” LAST NIGHT IN THE CITY ” AND THE 3 BONUS TRACKS ” Northern lights ” and the greats “Planet Roaring ” and “Valentine Stones “.

All these tracks in a different way are duran energetic sound and danceable ones …. cool !

Do you want a dreamy pace tune a little bit funky ? there is the collaboration with Mark Ronson and Nile Rodgers “ Only in Dreams ” !

Some lovers of ballads and that unique style duran have in these kind of music may love ” the Universe alone ” a masterpiece song such as You kill me Silence and The Title Track “Paper Gods ” , this last one is really duran sound , what is duran sound is ??? something many have tried to copy without success… listen to this one and maybe you can understand what i mean.

and what about the “What are the chances ” ? this song is played live at the Red Rocks for the 1 time and we would like to know how was  the crowd response …What are the Chances is the one fans loved from their 1 listen !!

in a song or in the other you will LOVE DURAN DURAN  PAPER GODS !!!!

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