Icon made my @80s_Little_Lady

Duran Duran

my passion inside !!


watching others in the news
studying our worst reviews
They say we’ll get over it
Disappear like dinosaurs
To the sound of small applause
Resigned to the mid-price section

If you see me walking in the garden
don’t ever ask me for an autograph
If you ever catch me in the arcade
Don’t even stop me for a photograph

We are undergoing treatment
‘Til our ethic fits the scene
laid out in �Q Magazine�
They crave our conformity
Mediocre to the bone
Terrified testosterone

 Duran Duran represent UK ath olympic games..

no doubt they represent uk music at all.

i live in italy and love uk music !!

now i post videos of the time when duran are only 3 members and want to share emotions and dont stop till now… and yes all you need is now and them on a worldwide tour..!!

Duran Duran are not only girls on film or rio and hungry like the wolf.. no no they have done more good music after that.. enjoy it..!!

pop trash movie 2000

I’m living in a pop trash movie
We star together in every scene
We’ll all be famous for just a few minutes
Part of a celluloid dream

Watching slow-mo going frame-by-frame
Might have blurred my vision
Your life went flashing by
Where did it all go wrong?

i respect duran duran like human being and great music icon.

they represent a generation but can be loved also by young people.

we are duranie and we are forever that way.


Gonna take it back
Take back the life that you wanna lead
Been under quiet attack
But now it’s time for you and me
Gonna take it back
You’ve got to fight for what you believe
We’re gonna make this stand
The finest hour that we see

When did our choice become erased?
Where is the violence in this crowd?
Now that our voice has been replaced
With a silence that screams out loud

they are not the puppets you think…


Maybe it’s the rain of town
One you wanted leave behind
When the winter’s on the ground
If you ever wonder

We believe in the cold grey lights we dream
There’s a place for us
Yes we believe where the white sands touch the sea
There’s a space for us
proud to be a duranie from 30 years

its a Shame someone dont look at them in the way they deserve…

they look beautiful and light but they wrote many deep songs and music…

they go against music industry and broke with emy too

cant wait to see you in italy

this is an unrealesed song

salt in the raimbow.. perhaps one of theri best song ever.. ( 2004)

(Le Bon, Rhodes, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor)
Something to rememberin some far off time

when you get that lonely shine in your eye
Trees and lovers -ever wonder why

When everything starts breaking downthey’re reaching for the sky
We are forever

all we understand

This is forever

here within my hands
Forever togetherThe moment is forever

Forever together

The moment is forever
Picking through the piecesand what do you have at all?

Just the danger of relying on those who’d let you fall
So you try, try much harderuntil the truth is drawn

The very thing you’ve been searching forhas been yours all along
We are forever

all we understand

this is foreverhere within our hands
Forever together

The moment is forever

Forever together

The moment is forever
In the end

With you my friend

It’s you I got to knowNo going back now,

Even if I couldI wouldn’t change a thingI’d do it all over

Just a minute nowAnd breathe a little deeper;All these moments of our lives

Are the flickering of an endless seaWe’re the ripplesWe’re the salt in the rainbow
We are forever

all we understand

this is foreverhere within our hands
We are foreverall we understandthis is forever

here within our hands


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