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Duran with Ronson live
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Simon interview

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THR: With “All You Need is Now,” what would quantify as success for you?

LeBon: “I’m not sure we’re thinking in numbers, because of the way music is downloaded and shared, I don’t know. Really, it’s more about getting the music to people’s lives. That’s why ‘All You Need is Now’ is a free download, because we want to spread the word. We’re quite prepared to sacrifice the financial gain from selling it; we want to get this song heard. I’d rather five million people hear it for free than have one million who pay for it. We want to do a tour. We have to get back into mainstream musical culture.”


Non son sicuro che noi stiamo ragionando in numeri perchè adesso la musica viene scaricata e condivisa , è più un dare alla gente la possibilità di ascoltarla . Ecco perchè abbiamo dato All you need is now gratuitamente perchè vogliamo diffondere il messaggio. Siamo abbastanza preparati al sacrificio di guadagnarci meno , vogliamo che la canzone venga sentita.
Mi piacerebbe piuttosto che la canzone venisse scaricata da 5 milioni di utenti piuttosto che acquistata da 1 milione. Vogliamo fare un tour , Dobbiamo rientrare nella cultura musicale.

UsaToday 25/12

part of the article here:

A day in the life

Unless you’re Keith Richards, living like a rock star gets old. “Time was that I never saw a sunrise unless I was still up from the night before,” says Taylor, who once battled cocaine addiction. “Now I love rising with the dawn. I’ve done enough freak time. In fact, my wife only just put up curtains. It’s our first year living without kids in the house and I just love the energy of the morning.”

For Le Bon, who’s married to former model Yasmin and has three daughters, a night out on the town is hanging with his family. “After 25 years, I can say that my kind of day starts with getting up to let the dogs run ‘round the garden, listen to the radio and think about cooking breakfast. I have great kids and we like to go to our local to have a few beers and dinner. Then I come home, sit on the couch and fall asleep. That’s what my days are like now.”

The band is planning a world tour starting in April, and there is a comic book set for release. “Apparently there was a lot going on while I was writing the lyrics,” Le Bon says.

New York Post
recenzione 24/12

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