Duran are running wild

DDModern Modern modern !
From 21 december you can buy on itunes the new Album of the british guys called “Duran Duran” titled “All you need is now” produced by Mark Ronson and the Ep “From Mediterranea with love” .

All you need is now Buy it on itunes price in euro 7,99
Mediterranea buy it on itunes FREE , GRATIS

The New Album from Simon Le bon ,Nick Rhodes,John Taylor e Roger Taylor is quite amazing.
All over the world they are running well at the top of the itunes chart of Pop Album.
Songs remember us clearly who are Duran Duran and what can they do with their instruments.

The voice of the Lead singer Simon is incredible and the music take you where you want to go.
Do you want to dance and think something cool ? You have to listen to Girl Panic, Safe,All you need is now,Being Followed and Blame the machine and i don’t want to forget Runaway Runaway..
sounding Duran Duran no doubt… !!

Do you want to be more introspective ? yes… you can listen to Before the Rain or the man who stole a leopard, the last two song come to us with a sound listen previously from Arcadia ,the Devils and also from the past duranies song.

This is only the beginning… how Nick Rhodes said Duran Duran don’t want to stop…!!
duran broke with Sony and for the promotion of this album they are using social network , so if you want to enjoy yourself with DD with facebook or twitter connect with them !

And then if you want to listen to great music buy it now !
Duran Duran 2010

Cool article Huffington Post
If you click above you can find also the new video for “All you need is Now” ,
the new video is # 1 on itunes chart in various country , you can buy the video for 1,19€ as well on itunes.

from the article above”
Duran Duran is this chemistry of these musical personalities working off of each other, and those personalities are back on this album,” Taylor says of the noticeable spark in the new songs.

Will All You Need is Now surprise folks who thought that Duran Duran didn’t have any more tricks up its sleeve? Probably. Do these fresh grooves give women (and men) of a certain age reason to dance around the room, reveling in the sheer exuberance of this reinvigorated version of the band they once — or maybe even always — knew and loved? Absolutely.

But don’t dare mention the word “retro” to a band who’s so clearly enjoying the power of Now.

“That goes back to being modern,” Taylor laughs. “Modernism is a position and it does not look back.

Another Article from TGCOM italy from Massimo Longoni

click to see some pics from the itunes chart today !
All you need is now number 1 Pop Albums in 6 countries
Itunes Us Album chart from Katy
Italia Video chart

And Now 2 Great picture from today 4.00 pm
All you need is now #1 almost everywhere in the world Pop Album chart on itunes

itunes chart 22/12/2010 duran duran

itunes chart 22/12

itunes chart dd number 1

All you need is now number 1 in 15 countries

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